About Shear Delight Beauty Salon - Founded in 1947

About Shear Delight Beauty Salon

Shear Delight Beauty Salon is located at 1221 Market Street right off of West Avenue in central La Crosse Wisconsin. Shear Delight's doors are open to anyone looking for a new style or for the trim you've been needing.

Shear Delight welcomes customers of all ages. From toddlers to seniors, we will cater to all. Even if your, children are just waiting for your cut, there is a welcoming play area to keep them busy.

Patricia Tentis has been the sole owner and operator of Shear Delight Salon since 1981. She is a licensed professional who has been cutting hair for 40 years. Patty will not only give you the style you need, she will also make you feel at home.

Shear Delight Salon History

In 1947, Nigro's Beauty Salon was founded by Helen Nigro. Helen ran the salon until her passing in 1966. Thereafter, Doris Braudt became the sole owner and operator of the Salon.

Doris Braudt, who is the mother of Shear Delight's current owner (Patricia Tentis), ran Nigro's Beauty Salon until 1981. By 1981, Doris' daughter, Patrica Tentis, had obtained her license and enough training to join the salon.

From there on, Doris and Patricia changed the name to Shear Delight Salon and ran it until 1989 the year Doris passed away. The business was, then, handed down to her daughter Patricia Tentis who still runs the business today.